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Searching for the right Cannabidiol (CBD) supplier?

Bioavailable CBD Will Make Your Products 10x More Effective

Unique Therapeutics Inc. is your Preferred Source of Verified Bioavailable CBD in bulk. Marketed throughout the US, UK and Europe, our CBD products are made more bioavailable to work well with your product or formulation.

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Your Customers Already Know the Benefits of CBD

They are looking to trusted brands like yours to deliver the benefits within existing formulations. Learn what water soluble CBD can do for your brand.

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Water Soluble CBD effectiveness

Oil vs Water Based CBD

Our water soluble CBD is up to 10x more effective than oil based CBD products.

It mixes easily into existing formulations, absorbs fast and leaves no greasy residue.

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We supply Bio Available CBD

Why Our CBD Helps More

Our technology makes CBD much more bio available and allows the CBD to be absorbed through the skin. It also has a time release effect, this makes it much more effective than other CBD products

Our bioavailable CBD integrates well with cosmetics and skin care products.

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Supply chain of American hemp

Supply Chain Guaranteed

Our CBD extract is sourced from 100% American hemp.

Our supply chain is scalable, secure and guaranteed from farm to formula.

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Analysts predict the hemp-derived CBD market will reach a projected value of $22 billion by 2022.

  More than half the consumers surveyed said they would be willing to pay a premium price for products containing CBD.

  Beauty products are most poised to benefit from CBD enhancement; the segment is expected to grow to $1.6 billion by 2020.

More About CBD Market Growth

“The U.S. CBD market will grow more than seven-fold this year because the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-derived versions of the chemical compound. The legislation has created a whole new legal CBD market, and consumers of all stripes are already snapping up CBD-related products.

The hemp-derived CBD market has been expanding rapidly in recent years but will see unprecedented growth this year, reaching $5 billion in market revenues for a seven-fold increase over 2018. The CBD market is expected to grow to more than $23 billion by 2023.

As a result, approachable products like topicals, skincare and beauty products, pet treats, and vapes are posting impressive growth numbers”.

-The Brightfield Group 2019

Global Cannabidiol CBD Market Size

Farm to Formula

The Unique Therapeutics’ Process

Water Soluble CBD Nano chemical structure

Water soluble CBD is easy to integrate into existing formulations and leaves no oily residue. 

Our supply chain is robust, secure and guaranteed from farm to formula.

SOURCING  We source our CBD from all-natural, sustainably grown hemp farmed in the United States. We use only American hemp grown in farms in Oregon, Montana and Colorado.

TESTING Once we receive the CBD extract, it is rigorously tested for purity and contaminants including pesticides ensuring that our CBD is safe.

OUR PROCESS We use an advanced “clean” sound wave technology to transform the CBD so that meet our strict absorption requirements.

OUR WATER SOLUBLE CBD  is translucent and ideal for cosmetics, skincare, health and wellness products and pet applications.

Learn how our nanotechnology science makes Unique Therapeutics CBD so effective.

Your customers are waiting.

Unique Therapeutics is your preferred supplier for pure, water-soluble CBD Nano for use in your cosmetics, skincare, health and wellness products and pet formulations.

We supply bulk CBD nanoemulsion.

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