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Unique Therapeutics Is Your Preferred Source of Verified Water Soluble CBD.

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Unique Therapeutics CBD Nano is sourced from 100% American grown hemp. Our supply chain is robust, secure and guaranteed from farm to formula.

Hemp in the United States has gone from a legal crop in the 18th and 19th centuries, to a banned substance in the 20th century, and has returned as a legal crop in the 21st century. Under the 2018 United States farm bill, commodity hemp production was federally legalized. By 2019, the United States had become the world’s third largest producer of hemp, behind China and Canada.


We source our CBD from all-natural, sustainably grown hemp farmed in the United States. We use only American Hemp grown in farms in Oregon, Montana, and Colorado.  Our supply chain CBD nano is secure and guaranteed from farm to formula.


Once we receive the CBD extract, it is rigorously tested for safety, identity, strength, and quality ensuring that our CBD is of the highest potency and purity.


We use a proprietary “clean” sound wave technology to generate nanoparticles of CBD that meet our strict absorption requirements. The resulting nanoparticles of CBD are 10-100 nanometer in size. These nano droplets become Nanoemulsion, today’s best method of creating water-soluble CBD extract.


We manufacture over 1 million units a month of pure, tested CBD nano extract for use in cosmetics, food and beverage, health and wellness, and pets – as well as other verticals.


Hemp contains basically zero THC, so there is no risk of psychoactive effects with hemp-derived CBD. There is no “high” associated with using CBD from hemp. Furthermore, all of our hemp is strictly tested for purity, heavy metals, and bio-contamination.

Full-spectrum cannabinoids are showing therapeutic promise, however, when delivered in an oil base, reveal the same limitations as all oil-based CBD. Our water-soluble CBD can be formulated with additional full-spectrum cannabinoids for maximum effect.

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We take pride in the scientific rigor that is the foundation of our product line. You can learn more about the science behind Unique Therapeutics here.

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We source our CBD from all-natural, sustainably grown hemp, farmed in the United States.

All of our CBD extract is tested for strength and purity.

Our supply chain CBD nano is robust and scalable. Large or small, we can fulfil bulk CBD and private label orders to suit.

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Unique Therapeutics is your preferred supplier for pure, water-soluble CBD Nano for use in your cosmetics, skincare, health and wellness products and pet formulations.

We supply bulk CBD nanoemulsion.

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