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Amari is a breakthrough premium skin care enriched with natural botanicals and pure, hemp derived CBD in bioavailable formula.

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Unique Therapeutics Logo for FaviconAmari is formulated and produced by our team at Unique Therapeutics. Unique Therapeutics is an American bio-science company that develops advanced skincare and cosmetic CBD products for skincare professionals.

We are a reliable source of high-quality CBD products that work effectively for your cosmetic formulations. Among the products we supply:

  • Water Soluble CBD

  • CBD Isolate

  • CBD Powder

  • CBD Distillate

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Amari Anti Aging Skin Lotion

Formulated with high potency bio-available CBD, After Glow Anti-Aging + CBD is an anti-inflammatory lotion that restores vitality to undernourished skin. 

What it does: This cream works overtime to improve your skin’s elasticity and fight puffiness and wrinkles – and other visible signs of ageing.  Our bio-available CBD penetrates your skin for powerful anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.

Amari Body Cream

 A deep tissue muscle cream formulated for the relief of sore or tired muscles. This cream is also an effective topical solution for a variety of skin irritations and pain relief. Due to the high CBD dosage our customers call this a “miracle cream”.

What it does: CBD Deep Relief Body Rub combines 200 mg of bio-available CBD, easily absorbed through the skin. 

Lavender Night Lotion with CBD

This is a moisture-rich hydrating lotion that penetrates deep within the skin layers to restore skin overnight. Lightly scented.

What it does: The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD  work to soothe skin irritations while the natural botanicals in the formula target undernourished skin while you sleep.

Amari Sweetgrass Daytime Defense

Lightly scented with natural sweetgrass, Sweetgrass Daytime Defense Moisturizer + CBD can be used throughout the day to protect and moisturize your skin. 

What it does: 
This lotion is infused with 100mg of pure, water soluble CBD that is quickly and easily absorbed through the skin.  The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD go to work soothing skin irritations while our natural botanicals protect your skin all day. 

Feel the power of PURE soluble CBD – 10x Benefits of CBD in topical applications

Amari’s CBD absorption is close to 100% via topical application, so you know you are getting  all the therapeutic benefits of CBD.
Amari is rigorously tested for purity, efficacy and potency and made with love in the USA by Unique Therapeutics.

Amari Skincare by Unique Therapeutics

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