Unique™ Products

Our wholesales team is happy to work with you and provide the necessary materials to educate your consumer base and sell Unique™ products in your retail outlet. We use POS techniques in marketing and want to empower you to sell the best product.

Private Label

People love ourUnique™ products but some wish to grow their own brand – that’s great! Any of our products can be produced with your label on it. In fact, we’re happy to work with you on products even beyond what you see on our product list. Our private label service is a quick plug and play, BYOL service (Bring your own label – you provide the label, we do the rest).

Bulk Sales

We sell our water-soluble CBD product in bulk or raw form as well.

Please inquire for the bulk pricing.

Oral/Topical Spray

Our CBD absorbs so effectively that it can be sprayed onto the skin for a transdermal application or into the mouth directly for fast absorption. The spray can be formulated for a variety of purposes:

Topical relief for humans

Topical relief for pets and animals

Naturally flavor fast-acting oral spray

Exciting flavors for enjoyable consumption

Oral and Topical CBD Spray -Legacy Service CBD tincture


Our water-soluble Tincture is our pure CBD. Nanotechnology helps us maximize the bioavailability (that is the usefulness within the body) and enables our product to be water-based. It’s all-natural, pure relief that your body already recognizes.

It just works!


The skin loves CBD. Our CBD is great in a transdermal application, and our rollerball is a fantastic applicator for a range of afflictions. Common uses include under the eye relief, muscle and joint pains, soothing or calming effect, etc.

CBD Rollerball CBD Beverage Infusion


Our stuff is beverage ready! Easy integration into existing recipes thanks to the water solubility of our product means that anyone that’s producing beverages can add this into theirs. Plug and play!

Some great ideas include:

Kombucha infusions

Artisinal sodas

Dealcoholized beverages

And more…

Unique has tons of great beverage formulations, don’t hesitate to reach out for more!

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