The Unique Process of CBD Nanoemulsions

“CBD is viewed by many to have medical benefits, providing relief from everything
from pain to depression and anxiety.”
David Reid, CNBC, 2018

Cannabinoids are naturally produced in your body and are an important component of present in breast milk. These are received by a complex network of cannabinoid receptors throughout the human brain and body. These compounds can promote homeostasis within the body all the way down to the subcellular level. You can supplement your body’s own cannabinoid production with CBD.

CBD has shown therapeutic efficacy in various medical conditions. CBD molecules are poorly water-soluble and subjected to extensive first-pass metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract, leading to the limited oral bioavailability of approximately 9% (Cherniakov et al 2017)

Research has shown that pro nano lipospheres (PNLs) found in nanoemulsions enable the simultaneous delivery of the poorly water-soluble absorption enhancer and the poorly water-soluble drug such as CBD ( Zgair et al., 2016)

As you can see in Fig.1 there is a very significant improvement in CBD blood absorption with the CBD PNL compared to CBD alone.

CBD PNL graph

Fig.1 Plasma CBD concentration vs. time plot (mean ± SEM) following PO administration of CBD, CBD-PNL and CBDCurcumin- PNL. CBD dose 15 mg/kg. Curcumin dose of 10 mg/kg (n =6 for each group)  (Cherniakov et al 2017)

Nanoemulsions in Food and Beverage Industry

Nanoemulsions are very common in the food & beverage industry and include such familiar products as milk, espresso cream, vinaigrette, mayonnaise, etc.  Nanoparticles called “mixed micelles” are naturally formed in the small intestine during the lipid digestion process. It is the body’s own “nanotechnology”, which it uses to make oily substances water-compatible in order to transport and absorb them. Correctly formulated nanoemulsions simply mimic these mixed micelles and, therefore, improve the absorption process.


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