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Unique™ Products

Our wholesales team is happy to work with you and provide the necessary materials to educate your consumer base and sell Unique™ products in your retail outlet. We use POS techniques in marketing and want to empower you to sell the best product.


Contract Manufacturing


Unique Therapeutics is an American bio-science company that develops advanced skincare and cosmetic CBD products for skincare professionals.

As a reliable source of high-quality CBD products that work effectively for your cosmetic formulations, we can process and supply the following products of;

  • Water Soluble CBD

  • Isolate

  • Powder

  • Distillate

Private Label

People love our Unique™ products but some wish to grow their own brand – that’s great! Any of our products can be produced with your label on it. In fact, we’re happy to work with you on products even beyond what you see on our product list. Our private label service is a quick plug and play, BYOL service (Bring your own label – you provide the label, we do the rest).


Our CBD products are made more bioavailable to work well with your product or formulation.

Bulk Sales

We sell our water-soluble CBD products in bulk or in raw form as well.
We market throughout the US, UK and Europe.

Please inquire for the bulk pricing.


All our CBD products are subjected to 3rd party testing to ensure it meets our high quality standards for safety, identity, strength and quality ensuring that our Bulk CBD is of the highest potency and purity.

For comments and suggestions, we would love to hear from you!

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