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Unique Therapeutics Bioavailible CBD is water soluble and up to 10x more effective than oil-based CBD products.

Most CBD products currently available in the market are oil based. However, oil-based products don’t absorb into the body very well and as a result, most oil based CBD is flushed from the body unused.

The human body is made up of about 60% water. And we all know that oil and water don’t mix.

Rapid advances in CBD production technology have generated water-soluble CBD products that rapidly absorb into the body and go to work quickly. Consumers are catching on that water soluble CBD is more bioavailable, more therapeutic and ultimately more effective.

What is Bioavalible CBD? 

 Bioavaliblity of a substance is determined by its ability to enter the circulation when introduced into the body and so able to have an active effect.  water-soluble is actually not completely accurate. The CBD molecule itself is hydrophobic, which means it will not mix with water, even in an isolated crystalline form. Our advanced process breaks up CBD extract into tiny droplets called micelles which is what your body normally makes in order to absorb fat based compounds. These micelles are translucent which means they can be added to products without being detected – perfect for cosmetics and food and beverage.

Micelle emulsions are today’s best method of creating water-soluble CBD of the highest purity. Bioavailible CBD is what we call our CBD micelle emulsion.

“mixed micelles” are naturally formed in the small intestine during the lipid digestion process. It’s the body’s own process which it uses to make oily substances water-compatible in order to absorb them. Our process mimic these mixed micelles and, therefore, improve the absorption process for rapid therapeutic effectiveness”. 

Liam Chief Science Officer 

our process is similar to processes used very commonly in the food and beverage industry and include such familiar products as milk, espresso cream, vinaigrette and mayonnaise.

Water soluble CBD absorbs into the body rapidly offering high bio-availability and increased effectiveness. 

Water soluble CBD is easier and cheaper to integrate into existing product formulations, leaving no greasy residue. 

Nano emulsions are today’s best method of creating water-soluble CBD of the highest purity.

Benefits of Water Soluble CBD 

More Effective 

Studies have shown that water soluble CBD is up to 5 – 10 times more bio-available than oil based CBD products. Higher bio-availability translates into increased therapeutic effectiveness.

Rapid Onset 

Water soluble CBD absorbs rapidly into the body as it doesn’t have to be processed by the liver, resulting in rapid onset of therapeutic results.

Highly Versatile 

Water soluble CBD can be more easily integrated into product formulations such as cosmetics, skincare, health and wellness and pet products – to name few.

Better Value 

Because water soluble CBD can be up to 10x more bio-available, users only require 1/10 of the dosage of oil based products for the same results. This can reduce the price per dose when compared to oil based products.

Further Reading 

We take pride in the scientific rigour that is the foundation of our product. You can learn more about the science and benefits behind Cannabidiol (CBD) and the nanoemulsion process here.

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