Certificates of Analysis



Certificate of Analysis for all Unique Therapeutics Nano CBD Products

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Bisaliv Batch 01210402A/Lot 001

Bisaliv Batch 201214A – Lot 002

Bisaliv Batch 201214A – Lot 001-

Bisaliv Batch 200304A – Lot 002 – 030/07/2020
Batch 200304A 

This product serves as the input material for all of our topical products.
Unique Therapeutics/Amari Bulk CBD Testing 

Lavender Night Lotion
Lavender Night Lotion – 021720A

Sweetgrass Daytime Defense
Sweetgrass Daytime Lotion – 021620A

Anti Aging Lotion
Anti Aging – 021420A

Body Care
Body Care – 021420A

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