AMARI Skincare Products

are Your Premium Hemp Skincare Regimen
that is Backed by Science

AMARI Hemp Skincare products are expertly formulated with the use of advanced nanotechnology. The highlight in our cosmetic formula is the incorporation of proven natural botanical ingredients and the infusion of bioavailable hemp. 

What makes AMARI work for your skin?

It is not only how its functional formula promotes hydration and intense moisturization, it brings therapeutic benefits for the skin. Furthermore, tons of benefits and therapeutic care you can get from our hemp skincare line. Only Amari can touch your skin with a promise of beautiful, young-looking and healthy skin.

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Amari Body Care Lotion (Amari Skincare Products)


Our Best Selling Amari Skincare Products


Amari CBD Max Deep Relief Body Care Deep Relief Body Care – The Miracle Cream

A deep tissue muscle cream formulated for the relief of sore or tired muscles. This cream is also an effective topical solution for a variety of skin irritations and pain relief. Due to the high CBD  dosage our customers call this a “miracle cream”.



Amari Anti Aging Skincare Splash BoxAfterGlow Anti-Aging

This cream works overtime to improve your skin’s elasticity and fight puffiness and wrinkles – and other visible signs of ageing. Our bioavailable formula penetrates your skin for powerful anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. Hemp works in concert with moisture-rich ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol Palmitate to nourish your skin, assisting in cell regeneration and enhancing your natural radiance.


Amari Sweetgrass Daytime Defense Splash BoxSuperGlow Sweetgrass Daytime Defense

Lightly scented with natural sweetgrass, Sweetgrass Daytime Defense Moisturizer can be used throughout the day to protect and moisturize your skin. The blend of bioavailable hemp combined with natural oils and botanicals is designed to support your skin with a protective barrier of natural oils. 



Amari Skincare LavenderSuperGlow Lavender Night Lotion

This is a moisture-rich hydrating lotion that penetrates deep within the skin layers to restore skin overnight. Lightly scented with natural lavender, Superglow Night is easily absorbed through the skin overnight to provide deep nourishment and support. 


Unique Therapeutics is an American bio-science company that develops advanced skincare and cosmetic CBD products for skincare professionals.

As a reliable source of high-quality products that work effectively for your cosmetic formulations, we can process and supply the following products of;

  • Water Soluble Cosmetic Materials

  • Oil-Based Materials

  • White Label or Private Label production

  • Bulk Materials Provision

Bioavailable CBD Liquid
Hemp CBD water soluble product lineHemp CBD water soluble product line
Unique Therapeutics-Bioavailable CBD Products Manufacturer


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